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Revised Friday June 06, 2003 02:52 AM -0400 .


Hit Counter - About tv shows and what's on tonight. - How I pay my bills and stuff. It has an option which gives you a postal address that you can give to all your bill people who only send out paper bills. So, your paper bill people will send the bills to that address and Chase will scan the bill in for you and present it to you electronically. It's cool for me since I'm away from home all the time and don't get to check my mail daily, and makes it easier to stay on time with bills and less gay paperwork on the weekends when I don't feel like being serious. - BitTorrent is a really cool program that's sort of like Kazaa, but lets you download all the latest movies and tv shows (and games, music, and whatever else too). - A pretty good place to start for finding stuff to download via BitTorrent. - Cool website that lets you search for races and other athletic-type events. - This is the greatest hotel-locator page lists hotels that have high speed internet connections by city. Which if you notice, a lot of individual chains will let you search for but none of the big ones will, ie..., I take that back, I think expedia lets you search for it, but only in some big! - Great tool if you're out of town a lot and bored out of your mind at night. Just enter your zipcode and it will find the closest place with NTN trivia. - This is like an alternative to media player that comes with windows and sucks because it never plays any of the cool movies that have all kinds of secret formats and codecs and stuff. This player will play whatever, even .bin movie you don't have to convert them or burn them to a vcd.